DOG SHOW  2010

KERSTSHOW  WIJCHEN   Nederland   12 december   Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf Dream  1er very promessing  BOB Puppy

                                                                                                            Hyanouk   1er excellent  open class CAC  CACIB  BOB

                                                                                                            Trinacria's Chana Tova    1er very promessing puppy class

                                                                                                            Hangelle   1er excellent  open class  (for its last  dog show of his career)

AMSTERDAM WINNER  27 november   Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf Dream  1er very promessing , Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy In Show Winner

                                                                                 Hyanouk   1er excellent open class  CACIB  -  RCAC

                                                                                 Hangelle   1er excellent open class

                                                             Sheytan's Beauty Aie Aie Aie   3e excellent  champion class

Courtrai  20 november   Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf Dream     3e very promessing puppy class

                                                    Hyanouk   2e excellent  open class

                                                   Trinacria's Chana Tova   1er very promessing  best baby in breed

                                                    Hangelle   2e excellent open class 

Leuven : 30 october   Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf Dream    1er  very promessing   puppy classe  best puppy in  breed

                                            J'Hyoulik Of Arctic Wolf Dream  4e  very promessinf  puppy class 

                                            Jinzou Of Arctic Wolf Dream  5e very promessing  puppy class 

                                            Hyanouk    1er excellent intermediaire class  

                                            Trinacria's Chana Tova :  1er  very promessing baby class

                                            Hangelle  3e excellent  open class

UTRECHT  Nederland  :  24 october    Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf Dream    1er very promessing  puppy class

                                                                            Trinacria's Chana Tova   1er  very promessing  baby class   best baby breed  et 5e Best Baby In Show

                                                                            Hyanouk   1er excellent intermediaire class  RCACIB

LAUSANNE Swiss :  17 october  Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf Dream    1er very promessing   best baby breed 

                                                                                                     Trinacria's Chana Tova   1er very promessing   baby class 

                                                                                                       Hyanouk  1er excellent    CAC    CACIB   BOB

                                                                                  Hangelle    2e excellent   RCAC

LAUSANNE Swiss : 16 october  Jay Hawks of Arctic Wolf Dream   2e very promessing  baby class  

                                                                   Trinacria's Chana Tova :  1er  very promessing  baby class

                                                                   Hyanouk :  1er excellent CAC  CACIB  BOB

                                                                  Hangelle : 3e excellent  open class  

ZWOLLE  Nederland  10 october   Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf Dream   1er baby very promessing  best baby and second Best Baby In Show

                                                                       Trinacria's Chana Tova   1er baby very promessing

                                                                       Hyanouk    1er excellent intermediaire class   RCACIB

                                                                       Hangelle   1er excellent open class  RCACIB

Maastricht   25 september    Jay Hawks Of Arctic Wolf dream  1er  Baby male  Best Baby  and Best in Show Baby

                                                           Trinacria's Chana Tova  1er baby female

                                                            Hyanouk  :  2e excellent intermediaire class RCACIB

                                                           Hangelle :  3e open class


LUXEMBOURG : 4 september    Hyanouk  1er excellent intermediaire class  CACL

                                                                  Hangelle 1er excellent open class  CACL  RCACIB

MECHELEN  Belgium :  21 august   Hyanouk  1er excellent  intermediaire class RCAC RCACIB

                                                                           Caprio The Future Is Ours   1er junior class and his admission to the successful breeding

LUDWIGSHAFEN  Germany :  07 August   Hyanouk   1er excellent   VDH.Ch.A - CAC DCNH - CACIB - BOS

                                                                                         Hangelle  2e excellent  open class   RVDH.Ch.A - RCAC DCNH - RCACIB

                                                                                         Caprio The Future Is Ours  1er excellent  junior class   VDH.Ch.A.J - CAC DCNH J-

                                                                                                                                              Best junior the race 

SUMMER DOG SHOW CROATIE : 25 july  Hyanouk   2e excellent RCAC intermediaire class

                                                                                        Hangelle  2e excellent RCAC open class  

                                                                                        Caprio The Future Is Ours   1er excellent CAC junior   BEST junior the breed                                                  

SUMMER DOG SHOW CROATIE : 24 july      Hyanouk  2e excellent RCAC  intermediaire class 

                                                                                               Hangelle  3e excellent  open class

                                                                                               Caprio The Future Is Ours   3e excellent  junior class

SUMMER DOG SHOW CROATIE :  23 july      Hyanouk  2e excellent RCAC  intermediaire class  

                                                                                             Hangelle  2e excellent RCAC  open class

SUMMER DOG SHOW  CROATIE  :  22 july    Hyanouk  2e excellent  RCAC  intermediaire class

                                                                                                Hangelle 2e excellent RCAC  open class

                                                                                                Caprio The Future Is Ours   2e excellent junior class

HERNING  DANEMARK   World Dog Show   26 june 2010     Hyanouk      4e excellent  intermediaire class

 ERFURT    GERMANY    13 june       Hyanouk   3e excellent  intermediaire class   (big !!!)

                                                                         Hangelle    1er  excellent open class   VDH
ERFURT   GERMANY    12 june       Hyanouk    2e excellent   intermediaire class     Res   VDH
                                                                          Hangelle   4e excellent open class  

TILBURG   HOLLANDE  5 june    Hyanouk   1er excellent intermediaire class   CAC  CACIB   BOB   

                                                                Hangelle   1er excellent  intermediaire class  RCAC  RCACIB

 SAARBRUCKEN  24 may     Hyanouk    1er excellent  intermediaire class    VDH    RCAC

                                                        Hangelle    4e excellent  intermediaire class

 SAINT GALLEN  SWITZERLAND  9 may   Hyanouk     1er excellent  intermediaire class    CAC  CACIB   BOS  

                                                                                              Qualification  for the  Crufts   Birmingham

                                                                  Hangelle     2e excellent intermediaire class    RCAC

 SAINT GALLEN  SWITZERLAND   8 may    Hyanouk     3e excellent  intermediaire class 

                                                                       Hangelle      1er excellent  intermediaire class    CAC

 ANVERS   2 May        Hyanouk       1er excellent  intermediaire class        CAC  CACIB   BOB  

                                Hangelle       1er excellent  intermediaire class        RCAC  RCACIB       

GOES  HOLLANDE   17  April Hyanouk     1er excellent  intermediaire class     CAC   CACIB   BOB 

                                                                               the ring of honor retained in the top 8 group 5  

                                                          Hangelle    2e excellent  intermediaire class 

LUXEMBOURG  28 March  Hyanouk      4e Excellent  junior class 

GEER  7  March  (club match )    Hyanouk      1er excellent   junior class best junior 

                                                                                                                        Hangelle      1er excellent  intermediaire class 

                                                                                                                        Iluak             1er  very promessing puppy class - best puppy the breed 

FRIBOURG  ( SWITZERLAND )  27  and 28 february     SATURDAY      Hyanouk     1er excellent   junior class  Best junior CAC   

                                                                                                         Hangelle      2e excellent   intermediaire class  RCAC
                                                            SUNDAY   Hyanouk     1er  excellent  junior class Best Junior CAC  
                                                                                                                                                       he's   Champion  junior of Switzerland 
                                                                                     Hangelle      3e excellent  intermediaire class 

GENK 14 february    Hyanouk          3e excellent  junior class 

                                       Hangelle          1er excellent intermediaire class 


Mouscron   31 january         Hyanouk          1er excellent junior class 
                                                      Hangelle     1er excellent  intermediaire class 
Hoogstraten  10 january      Hyanouk                2e    excellent  junior class  
                                                         Iluak                       2e  very promessing  baby class  
                                                        Hangelle              1er excellent  intermediaire class    CAC  CACIB   Best female                                          


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